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GST Thunder Baseball would not be as successful as it is without Greg LaRocca’s leadership and expertise. Since our partnership with Greg and all the facets he helps to run within the organization (Team Manager, Hitting Instructor for all teams and winter workout coordinator for all teams) Greg has been able to take our players development to the next level, which most programs can’t offer.  


Greg’s personal baseball achievements speak for themselves. 


  • 1990 Manchester West Division 1 State Champs

  • 1991 Division 1 Player of the Year 

  • Umass Amherst College Scholarship Player

  • MLB — Drafted in 1994 by SanDiego Padres

  • 1994-2003

  • Buffalo Bisons

  • SanDiego Padres

  • Cleveland Indians 



  • Nippon Professional Baseball

  • ‘04-05 Hiroshima Carp

  • ‘06 Tokyo Yakult Swallows 

  • ‘07 - 10 Orix Buffaloes


  • 7 Consecutive Year All Star Selection

  • 123 Home Runs

  • 3 Time Team MVP

  • Community Service Award



  • Certified MLB Scout

  • Queen City Hall of Fame Inductee

  • Buffalo Bison Hall of Fame Inductee


2017 — Present

Professional Baseball Instructor 



Not only is Greg knowledgeable as to how to play the game, he has an amazing passion for teaching it to the kids and it shows when he works. His clients and players can’t say enough good things about him and we at GST Thunder baseball are extremely thankful to have him leading our players for many years.  The number one advantage for having Greg run all team training is that your child will have the same trainer year after year in our program and Greg gets to know each player's strengths and weakness as the years go on. That is an invaluable benefit for our players development that can’t be outdone. 

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